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Motivational Quote of the Day

Even if you only lose 1/2 pound a week, you’ll still lose 26 pounds by this time next year. Just keep going!

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How To Beat Hunger by Anyman Fitness

If you’re on a weight loss or calorie-restricted diet, you will probably experience hunger at some point. This article addresses the issue head on and gives you some strategies to deal with it. On Day One of a diet, you’re … Continue reading

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WTH!? Weight Gain the Day After Exercise

Do you weigh yourself every day? My answer is yes, I tend to. I don’t feel that I’m obsessive about it. It’s simply a habit I attained while losing weight 5 years ago. And since my moods aren’t affected by … Continue reading

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Follow the Losers for a Weight Loss Win

“If you want to achieve success, all you need to do is find a way to model those who have already succeeded.” Tony Robbins The best advice I’ve ever heard about becoming successful is to copy what successful people do. … Continue reading

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I Can’t Slap the Food Out Of Your Hands

“Please follow me around and slap the food out of my hands.” This was the request I got from a client when I asked how I could help her stick with her nutrition plan. After laughing with her, I assured … Continue reading

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Fat Loss & High-Protein Breakfast

People have started embracing “Bullet-Proof” coffee, thinking it’s a great weight loss aid. This article examines research that shows a high protein breakfast does a better job of helping you control your blood sugar and appetite throughout the day. T … Continue reading

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