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Bone Broth or What I Did With My Rotisserie Chicken

I love rotisserie chickens. They come pre-seasoned, pre-cooked, are delicious, and so easy to use. You can put them directly on the dinner table surrounded by vegetables for an instant meal. Or, what I do, pull the chicken off the bones … Continue reading

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How To Save Calories On A Diet – by Jason of Anyman Fitness, LLC

This article by Jason of Anyman Fitness has some great ideas and observations surrounding dieting and lowering your calories. Some of them I knew and some of them surprised me. The goal when on a diet is to eat less … Continue reading

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Marlton Trainer | How To Lose Weight Whenever You Want

One of my friends asked me 2 questions recently: 1) Had I  lost weight? and 2) How was I doing it? My answers were: 1) Yes, I’ve lost 8 pounds since the end of our vacation, which brings my weight … Continue reading

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Fat Loss & High-Protein Breakfast

People have started embracing “Bullet-Proof” coffee, thinking it’s a great weight loss aid. This article examines research that shows a high protein breakfast does a better job of helping you control your blood sugar and appetite throughout the day. T … Continue reading

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How Protein Can Help You Lose Weight

In this era of new “miracle” diets being promoted every day, protein is now being touted as the magic bullet for weight loss. But is it really? Protein is one of three macronutrients that can be consumed in various ratios, … Continue reading

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