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How To Beat Hunger by Anyman Fitness

If you’re on a weight loss or calorie-restricted diet, you will probably experience hunger at some point. This article addresses the issue head on and gives you some strategies to deal with it. On Day One of a diet, you’re … Continue reading

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How To Save Calories On A Diet – by Jason of Anyman Fitness, LLC

This article by Jason of Anyman Fitness has some great ideas and observations surrounding dieting and lowering your calories. Some of them I knew and some of them surprised me. The goal when on a diet is to eat less … Continue reading

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How Hormones Affect Hunger by Helen Kollias

What a great article about hormones and hunger! I have personally experienced changes in hunger, satiety, and cravings through the month. Now I know I’m not crazy! Author Helen Kollias, PhD, CSCS not only thoroughly explains women’s hormone cycles, but offers tips on … Continue reading

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Marlton Trainer | How To Lose Weight Whenever You Want

One of my friends asked me 2 questions recently: 1) Had I  lost weight? and 2) How was I doing it? My answers were: 1) Yes, I’ve lost 8 pounds since the end of our vacation, which brings my weight … Continue reading

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