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The Scale Is a Liar… But Don’t Throw It Out! by Tom Venuto.

Are you concerned with weight loss, fat loss, water loss? What about lean mass, glycogen, BMI? This article talks about all of these and more to help you decide what to do with your scale and how to really track … Continue reading

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WTH!? Weight Gain the Day After Exercise

Do you weigh yourself every day? My answer is yes, I tend to. I don’t feel that I’m obsessive about it. It’s simply a habit I attained while losing weight 5 years ago. And since my moods aren’t affected by … Continue reading

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T Nation | The Simple Diet for Athletes

Not just for athletes but a diet for anyone who wants to control their nutrition, weight, and body composition. T Nation | The Simple Diet for Athletes. Yours in good health, Marlton Personal Trainer Athletic Fitness Concepts | South Jersey … Continue reading

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