Marlton Trainer | Mike and Donna’s Story


Mike & Donna - AFC ReviewMike and I have been working with Gary and AFC (Marlton Trainer) for over 5 years. We are proof that it’s never too late to start working out and getting in shape. I’ve had 2 hip surgeries, knee stenosis, and arthritis, and Mike has had bypass surgery. But even with our issues, Gary is able to give us a safe and very effective workout. He knows how to modify exercises for any age and any physical condition.

We have come so far since we first started training with Gary. Not only have we both lost a significant amount of weight, we are both stronger and fitter than ever. I can even do push-ups now. And I won a plank contest recently, beating my much younger niece and daughter for longest plank held. We both participated in a running program that Gary’s company organized for charity, and I won a medal in my first ever 5k race at the end of the program. Mike plays golf and outlasts his friends who are much younger.

We’ve recently started following Gary and AFC on Instagram and he puts a lot of easy recipe links on his Facebook page, which is good for me since I don’t like spending a lot of time cooking. He counsels us on nutrition every week, and holds us accountable for our own food choices.

The one thing we would like to tell people is to stop making excuses and call Gary. He can help you reach all those fitness goals that you didn’t think you could achieve. You can achieve them, and you will really enjoy the process along the way.

Mike and Donna A.