Welcome to 31 Days to a Better Butt

31 Days to a Better Butt

Welcome to the 31 Days to a Better Butt Series!

Strong glutes are important in posture, injury prevention, and of course, aesthetics. Everyone wants a better butt and this series will help you get one.

Every day for the next 31 days, I’ll offer a butt factoid, an exercise or stretch, and photos showing the exercise. Each day, you’ll learn about building your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and all the surrounding core muscles. To make it easy for you to navigate the series, I’ll add a link below to the list of blog posts so you can follow along in sequence, or pick and choose which day you would like to read.  Bookmark this page to make it easier to find later.

Most of the exercises listed here can be done at home with a minimum of equipment. It will be helpful to have access to a stability ball, some bands, and dumbbells. Some exercises can be modified to just using bodyweight, but depending on your goals, you might find heavier weights will be a better choice. Either way, have fun with them!

If you have any questions, send them on in the comment sections of each post. But first things first, the obligatory disclaimer.


Exercise carries risk. Photos and instructions are offered for informational and educational purposes only. Please be safe and consult your health care provider before beginning any new exercise program.


I used myself as a model because I didn’t want to buy or use anyone else’s photos. I also took the pictures myself, using a timer on my iPhone. I’ve done my best to maintain the best posture and form in each exercise. That said, I’m not perfect and sometimes I’m not able to hold a position exactly correctly and get the shot in time. (I’m also doing this with a back injury, so may physically not be able to achieve perfect form.) Because of this, I’ve included a long list of references at the bottom of this page. You can check them out to see the exercises done by a professional model or fitness guru.

by Joan Kerrigan, CPT

Day 1 – Glute Sets
Day 2 – Hip Bridge
Day 3 – Donkey Kicks
Day 4 – Clamshells
Day 5 – Hamstring Hell
Day 6 – Side Leg Raises
Day 7 – Superman
Day 8 – Reverse Hip Extension
Day 9 – Rainbows
Day 10 – Seated Hip Abductions
Day 11 – Fire Hydrants
Day 12 – Dumbbell Deadlifts
Day 13 – Single-Leg Deadlifts
Day 14 – Ball Wall Squats
Day 15 – Bench Squats
Day 16 – Single-Leg Bench Squats
Day 17 – Goblet Squats
Day 18 – Lateral Band Walks
Day 19 – Ice Skaters
Day 20 – Hip Thrust
Day 21 – Lunges
Day 22 – Elevated Rear-Leg Lunge
Day 23 – Step-Ups
Day 24 – Step-Up with Side Leg Raise
Day 25 – Kettlebell Swing
Day 26 – Plyometrics
Day 27 – Sprints
Day 28 – Figure 4 Stretch
Day 29 – Pigeon Pose
Day 30 – Foam Rolling
Day 31 – Everything Else


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