Congratulations to Superstar Lynda!


Congratulations to Superstar Client Lynda, who has done an amazing job in the 4 short months she’s been training with AFC owner Gary Hendri. Lynda works hard and her results show it. She has lost 20 pounds, 12 total inches, and 5% bodyfat. Way to go Lynda! Keep up the good work!

Here, Lynda tells her story.

“I am a 60+ overweight woman. I never played sports in my life, and have only been moderately active. I have issues with painful knees and hips, low metabolism, and I was on the verge of having to buy a new wardrobe. I tried Nutrisystem, Jenny, WW, and “losing weight with Oprah”, including multiple failed attempts with each plan. No joy. Enter Gary, who put me on a 3-point regimen of cardio, nutrition and high-energy sessions. He showed me several simple stretching exercises that made a huge difference! Within one month I could kneel at church again!

 I have never gotten a real handle on my weight or metabolism. But after 3 months of working with Gary, the results in my body and energy level have surpassed my expectations. My pain is gone. I have lost inches all over my body. I have muscles that “show”, and I am down a dress size (or two)!

 My boyfriend grades my butt size as “an eight, down two from a ten”.  He jokes that a “stealthy goose in the hallway” will likely miss the mark, because I’m so much smaller. I’m still thinking about a new wardrobe, but I’m thinking about downsizing now.

 Those are REAL results! And I’m not done yet !!

 I like Gary’s positive attitude, his energy, his vast knowledge base, and his ability to keep me focused on my goals.”

 –Lynda S.

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