16 Things I Learned Doing a 31 Day Challenge

Marlton Trainer | CelebrationWhew! My blog series is over! I can’t believe how long a month can seem and yet how fast it can go! But I finished and I have to say I learned more than I thought I would. Here are 16 things I learned participating in Write 31 Days.

  1. 31 days is a lot of blog posts.
  2. I learned a lot about the glutes and blogging.
  3. I felt a lot of stress about doing it right.
  4. You shouldn’t do a series about the body part you’re doing physical therapy on.
  5. Planning the posts ahead of time is essential to the way I work best.
  6. I’m glad I actually wrote so many ahead of time or I wouldn’t have finished.
  7. There are more exercises that I wish I could have covered but didn’t have enough days.
  8. The lighting in my spare bedroom leaves a lot to be desired.
  9. My Joby gorillapod is awesome.

    Joby Gorillapod

    This tiny tripod has been perfect for photos and video testimonials from our clients. Love it.

  10. It’s really funny to see how the flash makes the reflective strips on my clothes glow.
  11. I’m not very photogenic and I’d rather be taking the pictures instead of being in them.


    I guess this is sort of a selfie.

  12. I’m not sure I will do another 31 day challenge, but we’ll see.
  13. There were so many other bloggers doing the challenge that I couldn’t keep up with reading them all.
  14. Doing the series demanded a certain degree of concentration that took me away from other priorities in my life.
  15. I got weary of social media mid-way in and really slowed down pinning, posting, and tweeting links to my blog series.
  16. I need a break from blogging about the butt.

Have you ever done a 31 Day Blogging Challenge and if so, what did you write about? Leave a link in the comments and I’ll check it out!

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12 Responses to 16 Things I Learned Doing a 31 Day Challenge

  1. gary loggins says:

    My 31 Day “Halloween Havoc” Challenge ended up with 55 posts for the month! WHEW is right!!

  2. Joan you are awesome! Congratulations on a successful 31 day posting event. I enjoyed reading your posts each day. Also, you can repost all of them for the month of January. I have a feeling lots of people will need your help after the New Year. 😉 Cheers! xo Whitney

    • Joan says:

      Thanks Whitney! I appreciate the feedback and am glad you liked it. I’m leaving them on my blog, all available from the original 31 Day Page, so anyone can access them whenever they wish. Maybe I’ll repost them in January too. Great time of year to get started on a program! 🙂

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  4. Thank you for taking time to do this series. I’ve learned a lot. Hopefully as of Tuesday I will have a doctor’s permission to do them. Back and shoulder muscles better but not where they need to be. I also did the challenge on my photoblog Ogleohio.com. Never been so happy to see November in my life and to think I posted everyday when I first started blogging. Not sure I will do another 31 Day series either and this was my second year.

    I agree with Whiney, tweet these posts in January and you will be a Twitter star.

    • Joan says:

      Thank you for the feedback Michele. I hope your recovery is going well. I’m still struggling with my back injury but will persevere! I’ll definitely check out your photo blog. If you’re interested in being listed in my new Artist Directory on my blog, Art 4 All, let me know! 🙂

  5. Christy says:

    number 4! I know I shouldn’t have but I laughed out loud. I’m looking forward to going back and actually reading more of your posts, past the first 4, instead of just getting them in my email box 🙂 31 days is a LOT of posts but we DID it!!! my series is here http://homeskoolmom.com/chip-youngs-gold-thumb/

    • Joan says:

      Hi Christy, Funny, I had to check and see which one was number 4. 🙂 Yes it was not my best decision on choices for blogging about! LOL Thanks for reading. I’ve bookmarked your site and will enjoy taking a look. Yes, 31 days is a lot longer than I anticipated but you’re right, we did it. Congratulations!

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