31 Days to a Better Butt – Day 24 – Step-Up with Side Leg Raise

31 Days to a Better Butt - Step-Up with Side Leg RaiseButt Fact: According to a new report, close to 10,000 butt augmentations were performed in the U.S. in 2013.

Step-Up with Side Leg Raise

This is a great exercise that combines 2 exercises, step-ups and hip abductions, into one. You will work your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

  1. Start by standing sideways next to a low box or bench.
  2. Plant your right foot on the box.
  3. Step up while at the same time raising your left leg outwardly to the left.
  4. Keep your right foot planted on the box, lower your left leg and step down.
  5. Repeat 15 times and then switch sides and repeat 15 times on other leg.

31 Days to a Better Butt - Step Up with Side Leg Raise


To make it easier, you can do this exercise at the bottom of a staircase, holding on to a railing for balance. But try using the handrail for balance only, not to lift yourself up.

To make it more challenging, put a band around your ankles.

31 Days to a Better Butt

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