31 Days to a Better Butt – Day 8 – Reverse Hip Extensions

31 Days to a Better Butt - Reverse Hip ExtensionsButt Fact: The glutes are part of the posterior chain, which are the muscles that run up the back of the body.

Stability Ball Reverse Hip Extension

  1. Begin in an all-fours position with your torso on the ball and stretch your heels to the back of the room. If the stability ball is large enough, you can place your hands on the floor. If the ball is smaller, stabilize your torso on your forearms.
  2. Arrange your body so that your hips lie directly over the top of the ball.
  3. Squeeze your glutes and lift your legs off the floor until they are in line with your torso. Keep your body straight without arching your lower back.
  4. Slowly lower both legs back to the floor.
  5. Repeat for 15 to 20 reps.
31 Days to a Better Butt - Reverse Hip Extension

This is a very small stability ball, which is why I’m on my forearms.

31 Days to a Better Butt - Reverse Hip Extension

Notice my body is in a straight line and no arching of the back.

Alternate Version

I started out with this exercise when I began rehab on my back strain. If you concentrate on squeezing your butt, it will help you learn to use your glutes and not your erector spinae, the muscles that run up your spine.

  1. Raise one leg at a time, holding it in a raised position for up to 5 seconds.
  2. Concentrate on squeezing your glutes.
  3. Switch legs and repeat for 15 to 20 reps.

31 Days to a Better Butt - Reverse Hip Extension

This exercise can be done on different size balls to hit your glutes and the surrounding muscles in a little different way. Alternatively, it can also be done lying face down on a workout bench with your legs hanging straight off the end.

31 Days to a Better Butt

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7 Responses to 31 Days to a Better Butt – Day 8 – Reverse Hip Extensions

  1. So, I should be doing all of these exercises! I am stuck in the habit of not working out and to be honest I am so busy that I don’t care. What should I do?!

    • Joan says:

      Hi Whitney, I totally understand where you’re coming from. You’re not alone in feeling so busy that you can’t exercise. I think you answered your own question. It’s a habit! It has to become a priority. You obviously care since you posed the question in the first place.

      I would start very small. Try to commit to 10 minutes, 3 times a week. Take a short walk, do some glute exercises, do what you can for 10 minutes. Next week bump it up to 15 minutes. Then add in another day of exercise. It may seem small at first, but really commit to your health and you’ll discover time in between your other obligations. Don’t let your busyness get in the way of taking care of yourself. Thank you for reading my blog and commenting. I appreciate knowing what challenges my readers are facing so I can gear future posts toward answering their concerns! Good luck and let me know how it goes!
      –Joan 🙂

      • Thanks Joan. I think having a 10 minute goal to start makes everything less overwhelming and much more attainable. Thanks for such thoughtful response. I will keep you posted! xo Whitney

  2. If I don’t do anything else, I should at least get a better butt in 31 days! ?

    I have slacked completely off my workout regimen the past month and a half. So sad to admit! A better butt is now taking a front seat!

    I will probably be back after October. Let’s be honest, it may take me 60 days lol! Thanks for the series!

    • Joan says:

      Caressa, That’s awesome! I’m glad you’re enjoying my butt series! Thanks for visiting and commenting.
      –Joan 🙂

  3. Teresa says:

    I used to use my exercise ball all the time. I loved it. I was a lot more flexible then too. Lately, due to some health issues and lifestyle choices too, if I’m totally honest, I have become more stiff and achy. I need to use the ball again, it really does help me when I use it regular.

    • Joan says:

      Hi Teresa, There are so many exercises to do with the exercise ball for strength, balance, and flexibility! I hope you make some time to start up again. I know it’s not always easy, but so worth it! Thanks for visiting and commenting. Let me know how you do!
      –Joan 🙂

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