10 Things Vegetarians Get Wrong by Mike Sheridan

I have to admit I love chicken, fish, pork, and beef. Once upon a time, years ago, I briefly thought about going vegetarian. I decided pretty quickly that I would miss burgers, beef and broccoli, chicken parmesan, and all the other delicious meat dishes that I enjoyed. While I respect anyone who has made the decision to avoid meat, I’ve never regretted staying an omnivore and appreciate this article by  Mike Sheridan.

Joan 🙂

Avoiding meat isn’t as healthy or ethical as many like to think. Got a smug vegetarian friend? Send him this.

10 Things Vegetarians Get Wrong | T Nation

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4 Responses to 10 Things Vegetarians Get Wrong by Mike Sheridan

  1. I like the article. I always wondered why long term food studies aren’t done on permanent in house patients. It would be a way to control a whole lot of variables each side uses to point fingers: food choice, food preparation, lifestyle, activity level, health endangering behaviors, etc. But then again, the genetic make up/predisposition reason would most likely be used to discredit the findings 😉

    • Marlton Trainer says:

      I think research of this kind is difficult for many reason, some of which you mention. People who are long-term in house patients already have issues/conditions/medications which would likely invalidate any findings anyway. Some studies are done in metabolic chambers but for obvious reasons, they aren’t long term. Thank you for commenting!
      –Joan 🙂

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